COVID-19 Guidelines

These guidelines will provide direction for the immediate re-opening stages upon a county turning Green. The focus for now is on acclimating and reintegrating players, coaches and families. This is a local, club based restart of training players. Due to the restrictions of no contact, no other sanctioned soccer activity such as tryouts, scrimmages or other competition is yet to be approved.

The guidance from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on the Green Phase still engages in mitigation strategies for COVID-19. It is a cautious and gradual re-opening. Most businesses and programs will operate at limited capacity upon entering the Green Phase. We will be no different. As the Governor and Department of Health provide additional information and guidance beyond the initial opening, we too will expand the opportunities for youth soccer. 

These guidelines were created in consultation with those developed by the US Olympic Committee, US Soccer, US Youth Soccer, the CDC and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is a collection of best practices for carefully moving forward in the COVID-19 world. 

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