Game Day Procedures

Game Day Procedures

In the Week Prior to game-

  • Confirm date/time/location/directions with opposing team
  • Confirm uniform colors
  • Review local/club COVID-19 protocols
  • Remind parents/players of COVID-19 protocols

Game Day-

  • Print copies of roster for opposing team/referee
  • Money for referee (half of total fee)
  • Both teams’ players/coaches sit on same side of field, parents on opposite side
  • Confirm score with opposing team after game
  • Enter score into Demosphere (within 24 hours- by Monday evening)

In the event of bad weather-

  • Unless CLS or Club has cancelled game, report to your game AS SCHEDULED. Soccer is an ALL WEATHER SPORT!
  • Coaches SHOULD NOT cancel/reschedule games.   This should only happen at the field with the referee and opposing team coach.  Teams that do not follow this will be responsible for full referee fees and possible fines
  • If game has to be postponed due to field conditions/weather, report this to your CLS delegate with game #
  • Work with opposing team coach to reschedule ASAP, report info to your CLS delegate

If referee does not show up for scheduled game-

  • Select mutually acceptable person from spectators at game (payment optional)
  • Report score same as above
  • Report to CLS delegate with game #