Schedule Change Request

To request a schedule change, please click on this LINK and include ALL required information.

Per CLS Bylaws---

Section 7-5: Change of Field or Game Time
Whenever a club/ team finds it necessary to change the home field or game time after the schedule is established, such changes to the schedule shall only be made in a manner and process specified by the Executive Committee.
Specifically, after a specific season starts (Spring, Fall, etc.), each TEAM within the Central League will be permitted to make one (and only one) game change for the duration of the specific season.
This EXCLUDES changes due to field closures, weather related issues or requests from referees to move games to accommodate a referee’s schedule.  If the AWAY team requests a change that the home team makes, this will be considered a change for the AWAY team and will be their one change for the season.
Teams exceeding one change per season will be charged a $25 courtesy fee by the league.
Any changes MUST be done NO LATER than the Monday prior to the game being played.  Changes made AFTER Monday of the week of the game will NOT be accepted by the league and will be played as scheduled.
Individual coaches should NOT make game changes without coordinating through their respective club's field coordinator, scheduler or other individual(s) responsible for their club's schedule.