Secondary Player Procedure

Secondary Player Procedure

All players must be registered with EPYSA, either primary or secondary players.


To add a secondary player to your team’s roster please do the following:

#1- Contact the CLS Executive Committee (at stating the your team would like to add a secondary player for the Fall/Spring season.


#2- Include the following information:

-Name of player being added

-Player’s Primary Club and Team Name

-Player’s Secondary Club and Team Name

-Reason for adding this player to your team’s roster as secondary player


#3- If the Primary Club is a member of CLS, also include the following:

-Email or other written communication from Player’s Primary Club approving addition to your team as secondary player. This MUST be from Primary Club’s President/DOC/Travel Director, NOT the Coach.


#4- After all of this information has been reviewed, the CLS Executive Committee will approve or deny this roster change