Updating Team Application

If you did not enter your EPSYA/DYSA team number OR you received an email that you need to add your team’s correct EPSYA/DYSA team number, please do the following:

1) Please locate your team’s EPSYA/DYSA team number.

2) When your team registered, the person/people listed as the Team Manager/Primary Contact will have received a confirmation email from jabrodovsky@gmail.com with a registration confirmation number and a PIN number.

3) Click on this LINK to Update Your Application for Spring 2021 season

4) Enter the information from Step #2

5) Click “Update application or submit payment” link

6) Enter the correct EPYSA/DYSA number in the appropriate field

7) Click “Save and Proceed to Checkout”.  Allow the system to process your application.

8) Click “Proceed to Complete Application”.

9) Congratulations!  You are finished!