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Secondary Player & Club Pass Procedure


All players must be registered with EPYSA, either primary or secondary players.


NOTE: Central League Soccer does NOT permit Guest Players in any situation.


Club Pass Players

Central League Soccer DOES use the Club Pass rule- this rule is that any age appropriate player that is primarily rostered within a Central League club may play for ANY age appropriate team for that club.  For a given game, simply write that player’s information onto the game day roster that is presented to the match officials.

Secondary Players

To add a secondary player to your team’s roster please do the following:

1)    Complete the form below.

2)    If the Primary Club is a member of CLS, please have the Primary Club send an email (opetations@centralleague.org) indicating that the Primary Club approves of this secondary player request.  This must be from the Primary Club’s President/DOC/Travel Director— NOT the coach. 

3)    If the Primary Club is NOT a member of CLS, then just complete the form, no email required.

After all of this information has been reviewed, the CLS Executive Committee will approve or deny this roster change